Frequently Asked Questions

Does it Cover Set Up Costs ?

No. NEIS does not provide you with any up front funds.

The only money provided is the fortnightly NEIS allowance.


Who is Eligible for NEIS ?

You must be registered with Centrelink as looking for full time employment, over 18 years and receiving a government benefit that contains a living allowance.  Most people enter from Newstart Allowance (NSA), but other payment types are also eligible. You must be receiving a NSA, NMA, MMA, PPS, PTA, DSP, WDA, YAL or CAR pension (some extra conditions apply for those on a disability or restricted work capacity).

  • You must be available to participate in the NEIS small business management training.
  • You must be registered with a Job Services Australia Provider.
  • You must be referred to a NEIS Panel Member by your JSA Provider
  • You must have entered into an Employment Pathway Plan (EPP) with your JSA Provider that includes self employment as an option.
  • If you are un-discharged from bankruptcy, you are not eligible.



What sort of Businesses are Eligible?

  • It must be NEW – it must not have traded and it cannot be a takeover of an existing business.
  • It must be YOURS – but you can have other partners.
  • It must be LEGAL – and be within local Council regulations.
  • It must be FAIR – and not disadvantage an existing competitor.
  • It must be VIABLE – to be able to support you and your family.
  • It must be INSURED – Public Liability is an essential.


How do you get Referred into NEIS?

Your first step is to attend one of our Information Sessions.  You should then discuss self-employment as a career option with your Job Services Australia Provider. They will then refer you to your NEIS Panel Member for an initial assessment of your Business Idea.


How do you get Assessed for NEIS?

Attend one of our information sessions and complete an Application Form.  This can be downloaded by clicking here. You then need to obtain a NEIS referral from your JSA Provider.

After you have your referral we will then re-check your eligibility and assess your idea and arrange to enroll you in your NEIS small business management course.


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