Business Advisory Service

Box Hill Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) is one of a number of BEC’s throughout Victoria. The Box Hill BEC is a community-based service provider to the small business sector.

Box Hill BEC has a range of consultants with expertise in specific areas of Small Business Management in a range of industries who can provide advice on a variety of topics, including:

  • Cash flow
  • Leasing
  • Government Regulation
  • Marketing
  • Loans and Banking Products
  • Business Planning
  • E Commerce
  • IT & Communication
  • Record Keeping Guidance
  • Succession Planning
  • Intellectual Property
  • Debt Collection

The business advisory service is offered at very low cost in some cases. For further information and  bookings call 8892 2002.


Here is a sample of what people say are the best aspects of their mentoring session:

·   Bouncing ideas off someone and getting new ideas

· Creating a story

·  Perceptive, interesting and logical approach

·   Made a complex issue of what people want into a very interesting and informative session

· Helped to see the business in a new way

· Consultant was extremely helpful in most avenues that I was concerned about

· Direction and skills that were provided

· Very informative

· Consultant thought about my particular issues and gave me lots of techniques to help. I was pleased and impressed.

· Talking to someone about my marketing issues.

·  Being provided with strategies and guidance in a clear and concise manner that was specific to my industry

· Guiding

· Helped me clear my mind and understand what to focus on.

· One-on-one – can ask about a range of issues and problems

· Having someone to discuss ideas

· Talking about possible problems and expectations

· The consultant listened well, gave advice, gave personal examples and suggested things. Exactly what I wanted.

· The consultant could quickly see where I was coming from and what I wanted from the session.

· Valuable information and insight

· Gave me confidence I am on the right track.

· The consultant seemed genuinely interested in my business concept; was very supportive and even rang back with further information the following day

·   Experience of the consultant and advice specific to me.

· Opportunity to get a fresh, informed perspective.

· Encouraging the beginners.

· The one-on-one mentoring – the mentor can focus on your business.


Tel (03) 8892 2002